Max: LGBTQ+ Cult?

A few days ago, user "Max" replied to a comment made by Brendan Birth on my post about Q: What do I do if I’m transphobic and homophobic? / As a Christian believer, will God disown me if I transition from MTF? Max's comment makes a few claims and cites scripture. I was setting up to reply to Max in another comment, but decided this is a big enough topic to deserve its own post.


In May, reader Lois Lane accepted my invitation to ask questions and gave me three good ones. I promised to answer them, but life got a little complicated for me for a while and I haven't answered them... until now.

Taking a break

Circumstances have led me to conclude I need to take a little time for myself. I'll be taking a break from posting for a few weeks. But please, if you have any topic requests or questions, please let me know - I'm looking for inspiration for new posts.

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