These are a bit unique, since for many of these, there is an ongoing story still being told, so I have a section of serial comics and a separate one for standalone.


There is so much amazing work going on in this area right now.  I considered subcategorizing these into those which deal with trans women (MtF) or trans men (FtM), but quickly realized that too many of these defy those (or any) categories (which is just awesome!)

Assigned Male, by Sophie Labelle.  This one centers around a girl named Stephie, who is not afraid to say what she’s thinking.  Here are some of my favorites.

Rain, by Jocelyn C.D.  About a girl named Rain, who moved to a new high school and transitioned at the same time.

Translucid, by Tresenella.  About a woman named Sarah, who is an introverted (go team Introverts!) trans woman.  Tresenella uses a lot of her own experiences to inform the comic, so it tends to point out funny, embarassing, or unique aspects of being trans. Here are some of my favorites.

Up and Out, by Julia Kaye.  This comic started out like many – pointing out funny or ironic things, but as the author began her transition, she has included many of her own experiences in the comic.  Some of my favorites.

Transgirl Next Door, by Kylie Summer Wu.  These are mostly standalone comics, but are again, taken from her own experiences.  Some favorites.

Life of Bria, by Sabrina Symington.  Sometimes pulled from her own experiences, sometimes a commentary on current events, this comic always tells it like it is.  Some favorites.

Man Time, by Samuel Prowse.  A comic about the unique challenges of being FtM.

Transmissions, by Alex Ringholm.  A comic highlighting another person’s FtM experience.

Validation, by Christian Beranek and Kelci Crawford.  Ally navigates life in as an aspiring comic artist and trans woman, finding allies in unexpected places while dealing with the challenges that life throws at her.  Some favorites.

Portside Stories, by Valerie Halla.  About Alexandra, a trans girl who live in Portside (a fictional city).  One of my favorite pages from Portside Stories is here.  She isn’t adding to Portside Stories any more, but is now publishing a new serial, Goodbye to Halos, which features a cast of queer characters.

Standalone Comics

I try to give attribution if I can identify the creator, so if I’ve missed one and you know who to attribute, please let me know and I’ll add that.  Click on the images for a larger view and my comments about the image.

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