My Favorite Things

As I’m performing my self-discovery and researching various aspects of my gender journey, I’ve come across a variety of websites, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, pictures, drawings, comics, and memes which resonate with me for various reasons.  I’ve considered creating a blog post of them, but since I’m always coming across new stuff, I figure I’ll just organize it somehow here, and add to it as I come across more.

Educational / resource – websites which I refer to frequently for factual and authoritative information

Social – online gathering places for people to share and help each other

News – to keep up on current events

Podcasts – audio storytelling, journals, and news/information

Vlogs – videos

Blogs – you’re reading mine, so here are some others you might like


Be sure to click on the images for notes about what I think of each.  I’m trying to include notes on each one so you can get an idea of what makes it stand out to me (and sometimes, a little explanation for those with less awareness of both my and other’s gender-non-conforming experiences).

Sayings and Quotes – they can be inspirational, funny, sad, or simply acknowledging something unique to the GNC experience.

Pictures and Drawings – these tend to be wordless, yet convey some aspect of the GNC experience.

Comics and cartoons – some of them can stand alone, but some are best when you view the artist’s entire work.

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