Taking a break

Hello Reader,

Since writing my three-piece post on my EMDR experience, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block. While I have a few topics in my list, none of them are inspiring enough to me to write about them right now.

So rather than force something which may not really reflect my best work, I’m taking a little time off to focus on my therapy.  If inspiration strikes, I may post something in the meantime, or maybe some little posts about things going on for which I feel I have something to say.

But I’d also like to make a request of you, dear Reader: I’d like to know more about what you like and don’t like about my blog so far.  I’d like to know what questions you have for me – personal or general (about gender non-conforming people).  Even though I partly write to help me better understand the topics which I’m writing about, I also hope I’m entertaining and informing you, and want to make sure I’m keeping in touch with your curiosity.

Another idea I’m very open to is for guest posts – I’d love for others to share their experiences – trans and gender non-conforming people about their experiences, cis-people as they try to understand the complicated world of gender, family of trans people as they work through how to support their loved one(s), spouses, parents, etc.

So I will continue the amazing process I’ve been on with my therapy, and will hopefully have lots more to share about that experience.

I will return.


3 thoughts on “Taking a break

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  1. How do you function from day to day? Do you find yourself consumed by this new discovery? What works for you to allow you to “release” and feel “ok” when it all seems too much?


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