Content Warning: Transphobia

Until now, I’ve tried to keep the bulk of content I post positive and educational, and I’m proud of that. But there’s a dark side to being transgender, and one part of that is the hatred and negativity directed at transgender people. I’ve wrestled with whether to share some examples of these, and have mostly fallen on the side of “I don’t want to bring people down by exposing them to this crap.” But some recent events and direct attacks have brought me to a point where I’ve decided to put up a separate section on this site to show some of these attacks.

These are not for the faint-of-heart.

This whole section comes with a huge content warning: there is transphobia in the pages under this section, and some of it is particularly vile. I share these so that people who don’t understand what many transgender people face on a daily basis can begin to see just how horrible these words and messages are. Unless noted, these are things which I’ve experienced personally (and/or messages directed at me specifically) – some of them via this very website!

I encourage you to assess your own mental and emotional resources before digging into this section. I personally have had times where I’ve entered deep depression, anxiety, and dysphoria because of things others have said to me – I’ve had to learn how to draw and enforce my own boundaries, and how to walk away from some of these “conversations”.

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