Q: What are transgender people tired of hearing?

What are transgender people tired of hearing?

  • “It’s a choice”
  • “Bathrooms”
  • “Trump”
  • “Caitlyn Jenner” (or worse, her deadname)
  • “RuPaul”
  • “It’s a phase”
  • “It’s a mental illness”
  • “Protect our women and children” (in the context of gender-segregated spaces)
  • “Have you had the, uh, you know… surgery?”
  • “Trump”
  • “Cis is a slur”
  • “Straight Pride”
  • “What do you and your wife do for sex now?” (I mean, c’mon, seriously?!)
  • “Religious freedom”
  • “You’ll never be a real woman/man”
  • “Welcome to womanhood”
  • “I don’t agree with being transgender”
  • “Transgenderism” (it isn’t a religious belief or doctrine)
  • “Transgenders” (the word is an adjective and isn’t subject to pluralization)
  • “Transgendered” (the word is an adjective and not a verb – there is no past tense)
  • “Trans women erase lesbians”, or “trans women want to force lesbians to have sex with them” (yes, some people really say this!)
  • “Trans-Identified Male” (sometimes abbreviated as “TIM”, referring to a transgender woman)
  • “Trump”
  • “Trans women perpetuate harmful feminine stereotypes”, often delivered with “you’re not feminine enough to be a woman”
  • “Trump”
  • “Transtrenders”
  • “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD)” (this isn’t real!)
  • “Autogynephilia (AGP)” (also not real!)
  • “Cutting off your penis” (no, I reconfigured it to better suit my needs)
  • “Military ban” (it’s purely a political/religious ploy – the top brass in the military don’t even support it)
  • “You can’t change biology”
  • “Chromosomes” (chromosomes are only one part of the picture, and most of the time, they’re not even in the picture – have you had your karyotype run?)
  • “Natal women/men”
  • Using the wrong pronouns
  • Using a deadname
  • “Trump”
  • “Giving dangerous hormones to young children” (no, it simply doesn’t work that way — at all!)
  • “Performing irreversible surgeries on children” (no, that doesn’t happen either – trans youth are at least 17 before the possibility of surgery comes into the picture)
  • “Dangerous hormone blockers” (these are the same puberty blocking medicines which have been given to youth for precocious puberty for decades. They are reversible.)
  • “Social contagion” (being trans isn’t an easy existence – people aren’t signing up for this for the fun of it)
  • “Mutilating your body”
  • “It isn’t natural”
  • “God doesn’t make mistakes”
  • “Feelings don’t trump biology”
  • Oh yeah, and “Trump”

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