Q: How does it feel to be a women of your stature?

How does it feel to be a women of your stature?

Well, I really don’t know what it’s like to be a different height, as I’ve been this height for decades, so it’s hard for me to compare. But here’s a few things I’ve noticed:

(For the record, I’m a little over 6 feet tall)

  • When I’m around other women, I really feel my height – I’m close to a full head taller than many of them, and in pictures, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a lot taller. I get self-conscious about that.
  • Being tall helps me avoid some of the dismissive aspects of misogyny. While it might be easy to dismiss/discount someone who is smaller than you, I’m taller than a lot of men, so they can’t do it so easily. But that doesn’t stop some of them from trying!
  • It’s really convenient to be able to get things off of high shelves!
  • I don’t fit into some small cars.
  • While most of the time I wear flats and sneakers, I have no problem rocking a pair of heels! I love the way I feel in heels – almost literally on top of the world!
  • It can be really frustrating buying clothes – dresses which look great on shorter women look like tunics on me; regular-length shirts and tops often show off my midriff; pants often stop well above my ankles; and I can’t wear cute tights because the crotch stops around mid thigh for me! I’ve found a few brands which work for my longer legs and I’m really loyal to them, but damn, I wish I could wear some of the cuter clothes!
  • I rarely get to be the little spoon
  • I have to lean or hunch over when giving hugs or people end up with their face in my boobs.
  • I can put on weight without looking too “fat”
  • I don’t often find my view blocked at concerts or at theaters
  • I get misgendered more frequently
  • No, I can’t play basketball
  • Crossing my legs in a Broadway theater is nearly impossible. I either have to lift myself halfway out of my seat or be willing to bring a knee to my chin in order to get enough clearance to get my foot over my other knee. Try maintaining modesty and dignity while doing either of those!
  • I love short skirts, but I get a lot of heat when I wear them because I’m showing so much leg (even though my privates are still plenty well covered)

That’s all I can think of for now. If I come up with more, I’ll add them.

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  1. I am almost as tall as you and boy its a struggle. yet everyone wants to be tall. I use to have an issue with it, but maybe now that i am in my thirties i dont even notice it.

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