Q: When did you start to crossdress? Which dressing room should you use?

When did you start to crossdress?

I’ve been a cross dresser nearly my whole life. It started when my parents put me in clothes typically worn by the gender opposite of mine. I was a newborn then. It continued throughout my childhood, where, anytime I tried to wear clothes typically associated with my gender, I was either told that I wasn’t allowed to wear them, or made fun of.

Even in my teenage years, I had occasions where I would stealthily put on clothes in alignment with my gender, but I felt so ashamed of myself that it didn’t happen very often. I’d gotten so used to cross dressing that it felt wrong to wear clothing of my own gender. Adulthood wasn’t much better; I kept cross dressing all the time.

It was only a few years ago that I finally bit the bullet and quit cross dressing cold turkey. I disposed of my stash of clothes and haven’t cross dressed since. I do wear the occasional t-shirt, but those are really unisex, right?!

But even though it all started with how my parents dressed me, I don’t hold it against them. They didn’t know any better at the time. You see, when I was born, the doctor told them I was a boy, and back then, hardly anyone knew that girls sometimes are born in male bodies.

What changing room should a transgender girl go into if she hasn’t transitioned and doesn’t pass as her preferred gender (MTF)?

Let’s clear something up: a transgender (or cisgender, for that matter) person’s ability to “pass” is completely irrelevant for this or any purpose. “Passing” is a flawed concept and is effectively dead-on-arrival these days.

So which changing room should a transgender girl use? The one in which she feels the most appropriate for her and/or the safest. That’s it. We don’t get a say in it. Nobody but her gets to decide.

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