Q: Do trans [people] know I reject your trans non-word cisgender?

Note: Quora moderation removed this question for inappropriateness as I was writing my answer.

Do trans know I reject your trans non-word cisgender? It’s a lie, it’s an offensive term and put down.

Ok quick lesson: “Trans-“ is a Latin prefix meaning “on the other side”. “Cis-“ is a Latin prefix meaning “on the same side”. They are perfect antonyms.

In the context of your question, “trans” is short for “transgender”, which is an adjective. Adjectives are used to provide more information about a noun, which you failed to provide, making your sentence ungrammatical. You wouldn’t ask a question like “Do tall know I reject your tall non-word short?”, would you?

Let’s fix your question: “Do transgender people know I reject your transgender non-word ‘cisgender’?” There, now it’s grammatical. Now I can answer your question.

As a trans person, I’ve read your question, so I can answer truthfully, “yes, at least one trans person knows you reject ‘cisgender’.” But that leads me to ask you “am I supposed to care?

First, your premise that “cisgender” is a “non-word” is flawed. A “non-word” definitely wouldn’t appear in dictionaries, would it? Yet a quick search yields multiple dictionary entries, such as:

“Cisgender” is very obviously a not a “non-word”.

Next, as the appearance of the word “cisgender” in multiple mainstream dictionaries demonstrates, it is not a “trans” word – it is very much in the mainstream of the English language.

So your question becomes: “Do transgender people know I reject the very real, very mainstream actual-word ‘cisgender’?” This question is really quite silly, isn’t it?

Perhaps we can glean more context from your follow-on sentence: “It’s a lie, it’s an offensive term and put down.”

In your sentence, you make three claims:

  1. “[’cisgender’ is] a lie”. In what way is “cisgender” a lie? It is a word. A word cannot be a lie unless the word itself is the word “lie”. “Cisgender” has a meaning, which either applies to the subject noun or it does not. Perhaps you’re meaning that the application of “cisgender” to a specific noun is incorrect, but if so, you’ve not provided any noun for us to evaluate the applicability of the adjective “cisgender”, so at best, your statement is incomplete.
  2. “[‘Cisgender’ is] an offensive term”. How so? To whom is it offensive? In what way? “Cisgender” is a description of a potential attribute of a person, same as “tall”, “smart”, or “polite”. I’m over 6 feet in height, so while I could claim to reject the word “tall”, it would still be applicable to me. I could even claim to take offense to the word “tall” being applied to me, but that still wouldn’t make it an offensive word.
  3. “…and [‘Cisgender’ is a] put down”. This is similar to #2 in that you’ve not explained how it is a put down. Further, if we were to accept your premise that it is offensive (which we do not), wouldn’t that mean that it’s also an insult — a.k.a. a “put down”? This just makes this point repetitive and unnecessary.

Since you haven’t offered any context for your follow-on statement, I’ll infer from both your question and the follow-on sentence that you feel some animosity towards transgender people. Perhaps you want to make it absolutely crystal clear that you want nothing to do with transgender people. Wouldn’t it be handy to have a word which could communicate the idea “definitely not transgender”?

Well, you’re in luck, because I happen to know that there is indeed, a word which means the exact opposite of “transgender”, which you can use to quickly and easily make clear that you are most definitely not transgender! Allow me to humbly present to you the perfect word for you to use for this purpose: “cisgender”.

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  1. It’s because “cisgender”, more specifically “cis”, has been hurled as an insult on the likes of Tumblr and related social media, that’s why the term has been rejected by so many who aren’t trans. It’s not just the denotation of the term, it’s the connotation one must realize, too.


    1. It’s been my experience that the people who feel offended having the word “cis” used to describe them are the ones actively working to deny transgender people rights and are antagonistic towards anything which can be used to point out their bigotry. Maybe that’s just me though…


        1. Please enumerate the specific rights which trans people want, which exceed the rights you have. Please, give me a specific list of those rights.

          While we wait for your list, allow me to provide a partial list of rights which transgender people still do not have:
          – Discrimination-free housing
          – Discrimination-free employment
          – Discrimination-free healthcare
          – In most states, “trans panic” is still considered a valid legal defense for the murder of a transgender person

          I recommend reading more at Wikipedia article for Transgender Inequality

          And here’s a new resource which I just became aware of: Katy Montgomerie’s Medium article: What Rights Don’t Trans People Have


            1. I’m sorry, I don’t see those listed in either the Constitution/Amendments, or in any agenda for any transgender rights organization. I believe you are misinformed. (I’m being charitable, I know you’re misinformed).

              Transgender people are the gender they tell you they are. If a transgender woman uses the women’s bathroom, she is using the correct bathroom. If she uses the women’s locker room, she is using the correct locker room.

              So once again, please enumerate actual rights which transgender people want — rights which exceed the rights you have.


              1. No that not right and HE not using right bathroom HE invading real women’s privacy if I see those freaks try I kick them out and why do trans women aka men who believe they are women. Believe we we Stirght men should go out with them but I only like real women not men who believe they are women


                1. No, Robert (that’s your name, right?), a trans woman is a woman, and her pronouns are she and her – unless she tells you otherwise. If you’re “kicking freaks out” of bathrooms, then *you* are the dangerous person in that bathroom. That’s all there is to it.

                  If you believe that transgender women are men, you are mistaken. Full stop.

                  And if you think that trans women want to go out with people like you – have no fear — we don’t. We generally don’t spend much time with people who hate us or who will misgender and assault us. Your fragile masculinity is safe.

                  As far as “real women” goes, transgender women are real women. You’d be lucky if you ended up with one, but you’ll never know because you’re letting your fear and hatred overwhelm your emotions. It’s too bad… for you.

                  Btw, I’ve seen your other comments, and I’ve removed them – they didn’t add anything to the conversation. Tbh, I’m not sure I’ll leave your comment here, either – you’re saying some really toxic things, and while I don’t want to traumatize my readers, I do think it’s important for cisgender allies to see the kinds of crap transgender people have to deal with. (Note to cis allies – Ghost Man’s comments are actually tame compared to things I’ve seen just today)


  2. I reject cisgender 1 it’s make us NORMAL people like but we are not and not being trans isn’t group cisgender is lie because it’s deny that Fact Gender and sex are same so they can only match


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